Stand Up And Fight - Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac (CD, Album)

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  1. Mar 01,  · 9 videos Play all Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac [Full Album] Heavy Metal Forces Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac - Remastered (Full Album) - - .
  2. Jun 22,  · Exciter – Heavy Metal Maniac Often overlooked when the thrash metal tale is told, Exciter (formerly known as Hell Razor when formed in ) were on the case even earlier than Metallica. Formed in , the Canadians had taken the metallic might of Judas Priest and injected it with a massive dose of amphetamines, resulting in a sound that.
  3. After contributing the song "World War III" to Shrapnel Records' U.S. Metal, Vol. 2 compilation, Exciter promptly signed with Shrapnel and recorded their full-length debut, Heavy Metal Maniac, in Though their debt to Judas Priest was clear for all to see (starting with their name, of course), the album packed a hard-edged ferocity and love for speed that pushed it well beyond the bounds 8/
  4. Speed metal that sounds just like endless other bands of this style. It's kind of a mix of Venom and Iron Maiden, with a touch of thrash metal thrown in. It's hard not to compare Heavy Metal Maniac to the two big thrash metal albums of , Kill'em All and Show No Mercy. When one does that, it's pretty easy to see that Exciter pales in comparison.
  5. Mar 15,  · Heavy Metal Maniac, the debut album from our friends Exciter from Canada. The album calmly starts off with a wind gust on the track "Holocaust" which in turn leads into the track "Stand Up and Fight". This track is obviously influenced by punk and by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal /5(41).
  6. As is printed on the back of this CD, "This album was specially mixed to be played LOUD & PROUD!" This is certainly one of the most underrated CDs in Exciter's catalogue. Exciter - Better Live Than Dead (Pilot) 1. "Stand Up & Fight" () 2. "Heavy Metal Maniacs" () 3. "Victims of Sacrifice" () 4.
  7. Exciter's current line-up has been stabilized with this current studio effort! The album brings a fresh and modern sound to a mix of thrash-metal classics! Without a doubt these hidden treasures should be exposed to the metal fans at large. This album is only the beginning, and I look forward to Exciter's next full length studio effort/5(8).
  8. Heavy metal thunder's rising fast gotta make You stay Break the wall I'm coming out Gotta kill tonight Better stay back I'm a maniac looking for a fight Gonna track you down you're shot to hell Come on little honey for the time it takes Got to make you tell Heavy metal maniac I'm a heavy metal maniac Stand back heavy metal maniac.
  9. Oct 31,  · Exciter In their heyday in the mid-eighties, Exciter rivaled bands like Anthrax and fellow Canadians Anvil for power/thrash metal superiority, with 's Violence And Force regarded as a speed metal classic by many. As the years passed, however, their popularity declined, amidst several lineup changes and their decision to stick to a style that was no longer in vogue.

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