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  1. Rural Women's Development Projects: Objectives of the Project: Facilitating new ways to extend credit to this group of society: Type of Project: Action oriented: Activities of the Project/ Method of Implementation: The past and current activities of the project include credits and loans.
  2. This has been a major programme of rural development encompassing various aspects of rural people. This programme is associated with former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who introduced it in July for reducing poverty and economic exploitation and for the uplift of weaker sections of society.
  3. Rural Development undertakes this program in order to promote rural economic development and job creation projects.
  4. The Holistic Rural Development Programme (HRDP) is a flagship programme under this area of intervention that attempts to provide rural communities, with the .
  5. Mdukatshani has set up a Goat Agribusiness pilot Project across the poorest rural municipalities in Kwazulu-Natal. In a four way partnership with the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.
  6. Mar 19,  · Project topics on rural development. Final year research project topics, ideas and materials in PDF, Doc Download for free.
  7. Rural Development makes critical investments in infrastructure, housing, schools, health clinics, and economic and community development, to benefit Native families and communities across rural America.
  8. The Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRDP) was founded with single important purpose of "Inclusive Rural Development". To achieve this we created 3 main things for Individuals. They were Loans, Insurance & Pensions which ushered Financial Stability. Linkage to banks (earstwhile Pragathi Nidhi) Sampoorna Suksha Health.
  9. Jun 24,  · The Agriculture and Rural Development Project (ARDP) is implemented by the Additional Financing Agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and the International Development Association (Credit number XK).

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