One Thousand - Slow To Speak - Edits : 1999-2014 (CDr)

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  2. Jun 12,  · The problem is, on Slow To Speak Edits , they don't always live up to their rhetoric. Granted, Slow To Speak is fighting an uphill battle here—hip-house records, disco tunes and dramatic soul verses aren't exactly fashionable these days, and they know it. But there's a difference between being out-of-fashion and sounding Elissa Stolman.
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  4. (土)入荷!! slow to speak / edits (slow to speak / cd)¥2, slow to speak re-edit worksを2枚組にコンパイル!あの"eraser"も収録!.
  5. Nektar (Slow To Speak Edit) Doctrine (Slow To Speak Edit) Beige - Emperor (Slow To Speak Edit) Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Slow To Speak Mix) David Byrne - Big Business (Slow To Speak Edit) One Thousand (Slow To Speak Edit) Isles (Slow To Speak Edit) Björk - Sun In My Mouth (Slow To Speak Edit)
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  7. Review: It would be fair to say that U.S duo Slow To Speak remain one of New York's best-kept secrets, despite the success of their house, disco and left-of-centre DJs, they're renowned for a rocking a party with an action-packed style that effortlessly flits between genres. Here, though, they wander off-piste spectacularly, delivering a mix for Russia's eccentric Waxxx Mixxx.

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