Control (Original) - Soulstorm - Darkness Visible + Control (CD, Album)

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  2. Quite the ramble through the darkness that is life. The sound feel is oppressive and leaden, punctuated by sharp beats and a wide variety of found audio. ID weaves some verse here and there, but as the credits point out, this album is all about the madness that is Sleeper. Or the madness created by Sleeper. Something like that.
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  4. When Soulstorm went on hiatus in Sept '95 and I moved to North Carolina for a year, I kept in contact with Darren and when I came home to visit he helped out on a recording then I got the offer to play keyboards for Monster Voodoo Machine which resulted in “The Pirate Satellite” cd and the side project – for which we.
  5. Not a bad first effort, but if they can learn to control and focus more, they would be a force to be reconed with. This band still has a lot of growing to do, but for their first effort it sounds promising! SOULSTORM "Darkness Visible" (Metal Blade) This is awesome! "If Godflesh is a rock, Soulstorm is a mountain" says the bio from Metalblade.
  6. Re-released, Remastered, Reborn: Soulstorm. For fans of Godflesh, Swans, Obituary and Celtic Frost." The cover artwork is available here and the track listing is as follows: "Darkness Visible" Degeneration Mode Endless Human Failure Disruption Empty Mental Room Stranglehold Nothingness Helpless To Habit Burning Control (Original) *Unreleased.
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